Serving the Children of the World


Frequently Asked Quetions

The focus of the Batavia Kiwanis Club is to support projects and activities that build character and leadership skills and encourage community service by the youth of the Batavia area. This is a fun and informal community service club (no secret rooms, hats, or initiation rituals)!


How are the meetings structured?

Bi-monthly membership meetings are held at 12:00PM, the second Tuesday of the month at Andre’s Restaurant and another at 6:30PM, the third Wednesday of the month at Panera Bread. Meetings begin with the call to order, the Pledge of Allegiance, and Kiwanis Pledge. Business is then brought forward by the president, followed by a short presentation from a “guest speaker”. Some members donate “Happy Bucks”. For a buck you can stand up and announce something that is going good in your world. Happy bucks are deposited in the club administrative accounts and are used to pay for meals for speakers and guests.


Are there any dues? 

Annual dues are $130/year. They are payable in September of each year no later than October 1st. Members joining after October 1st will have their dues pro-rated for the first year at a rate of $10/month.


Are there any leadership postitions?

The business of the club is in large part conducted by a Board (annual elections are held in the spring for 2 year terms). Board meetings are held at 9:00AM at First State Bank on the west side at 1978 W Wilson St. They discuss projects, and donations and general activity of the club. All members are welcome to sit in on the meeting.


Are there any commitments?

There are no meeting attendance requirements, however members are encouraged to attend at least half of the regularly scheduled meetings and participate in as many project/fundraising activities as their schedule will allow. Your level of participation in fundraising and community service projects is largely a decision that you make based on your other life commitments. Members are not expected to participate in all project/fundraising activities.


How do I get involved in planning a project?

Most projects have a committee chair. If you have particular interest in a particular project or service activity, talk to the committee chair to find out how you can be involved at a level that is comfortable for you. There are chances to chair/organize new and existing projects and serve on the board of directors. If you have interest in assuming a leadership role in the club speak with the president, the vice president or your mentor about how to get involved.


How do I sign up to volunteer for events?

Before each event/activity a sign-up sheet indicating activities and time frames where staffing is needed will be circulated among the tables at meetings. Sign your name to time slots that will work for your schedule. If you need information regarding what is involved with the assignment. PLEASE DON’T BE AFRID TO ASK. This is how folks get involved with all kinds of stuff. Keep in mind, we never try to set anyone up to work alone! These are activities where you not only do some good for the community, but, you can get to know the other folks in the club.


What is an intererclub?

Occasionaly, we send three members of our club to “visit” other area Kiwanis clubs regular meetings. This is a chance to meet other civic minded citizens in the area and share fund raising ideas and service projects.